Colorblindness and Blender

Hello. I just realized that I’m actually colorblind. Certain greens, yellows, reds, and browns are very confusing because the look like other colors. I found out trying to find something that someone gave me a colored description of. I never new it was that color. I was wonder if anyone else is colorblind and how they cope with it. My whole blender world got turned upside down by this.

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I am very slightly color blind, somethings get tinted blue, but it’s not bad enough to be a problem.

I am too. Red/Green. The more desaturated, the harder to distinguish. See Wikipedia.

I think it would be a good idea for people with color-blindness to keep up to date on the latest 2.5 GUI and warn the devs if they design anything that is difficult to see.
So far, most things have good value contrast, not just color, but I did hear that they wanted to show with color what type of keying a widget had.

That is a smart idea. But I think the blender GUI has customizable colors. The contrast is good enough to find buttons. I just worry, “What if I pick a color, and instead of being that color, it turns out to be another ugly color (generally a pukish green).”

I’m colorblind too. I have difficulty distinguishing between:

  1. blue/green mixes and grey
  2. dark or unsaturated reds and greens
  3. yellows and bright greens.

So I know where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t worry about it from a GUI standpoint: the Blender GUI people are aware of common colorblindness issues, and even if/where they mess up, Blender still lets you customize interface colors.

As for using color in art… that’s a trickier issue, and there are different ways of dealing with it. You can just make your art look right to you, and let everyone else enjoy the weirdness that results. You can double-check your work with other people who are not colorblind. You can stick to using colors that you know you can perceive well. You can stick to art forms that don’t involve color (animation, modeling, rigging, etc.). Lots of possibilities, and you can mix them together. It’s really a personal choice how you choose to deal with it.

Interesting topic. You may be pleased that I have provided jendrzych with this link where he tests Blender 2.5 icons and colour theme for most usual colour-blindness cases (Visual Simulation link).

I’ve decided to just make art as I perceive it and let other enjoy what weird colors come of it. If I care more about what other people see in it, I’ll have people check the colors. As for the color scheme thing, that is cool. I might end up using that for some work.

I’m colorblind too, red/green but actually only few colour that make me confuse especially for violet and blue.

Hey Redgeofang,

Sorry to hear about your recent revelation, but it might not be all bad. I think the best thing to do with your art then if you have any color questions is to just ask more people for their opinions on whether it looks good or not. You know my mom has been a graphic designer for about 20 years now, and she told me a story of one of her colleagues that was colorblind, full colorblindness if i remember right, just shades of gray. Anyway they would often collaborate. She actually found that she produced better work with colors if she asked him for his opinion, because if he couldn’t distinguish between two colors then her colors might be to subtle and the section of the population that had colorblindness too probably couldn’t make out the colors either. And even people with normal color vision can sometime have contrast issues. So you actually might be an asset to someone because of your colorblindness, you might just need to ask other opinions more which is really not a bad thing anyway.

There should be a colorblind blender group. I think it would be really cool to work with other colorblind/color deficient people. I’m up for it if anyone else is. And also, I’ve noticed that because I usually pick my colors by numeric value I’m able to make it enjoyable for normal people. If I pick by just looking at the colors, my family says it turns out a bit discolored in some cases.

There should be a colorblind blender group. I think it would be really cool to work with other colorblind/color deficient people.

You have my “color challenged” vote.