COLORBOX 2.0 is the premiere color tool to use when it comes to Blender, with tons of features and now backed by a full development pipeline this nifty little add-on will give you more color power than you could have ever thought possible!

Features list:

  • Upload color palettes right into Blender
  • No more copying and pasting Hex codes
  • Use the Swapper to become a color wizard
  • Save your clients colors in an easy to access place right inside the blend file
  • Turn any color palette into a color ramp instantly
  • Save hundreds of palettes to disk for instant access
  • Use the new Color picker tool to extract colors from images
  • Export palettes to use in other softwares
  • Use the palette effects to mix it up further

Check out our first walkthrough here:

We also are launching on YouTube this year so expect tons of updates as well as Colorbox Jams showing off some of the most cutting edge color workflows.

Check out our new style and subscribe! Lots more to come!!

Here is what some people in the community are thinking:

We have lots more to come and would love to hear from the community here

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hey great ive been searching for something like this. would be nice if it can interface to grease pencil vertex colors. And maybe make the pallete rectangles smaller like in a painting app … for a toon project i need much more colors than 4

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Hey Alexander, thanks again! So I will check the vertex colors again … for some reason I thought I covered that but if not I will get a patch on our production pipeline :slight_smile:

Also if you want to adjust the size or number of colors displayed on one line it should be in the settings, you can adjust it there.

Let me know if these help, if not I will try and figure out a proper solution with you!