Colored Designer Chairs

Hi there,

I’ve started playing with LuxRender to work on my architectural modelling and scene-setup skills. A first result is this nice little row of pastel-colored designer chairs.

The nice thing about this scene is the fact that I created all of it, from the models to the textures. Of course the whole scene was built from ground up using Blender.

Although I quite like it I think it could still be much better, so just let me know what ideas come to your mind.

The technical details:

  • renderer: LuxRender RC3
  • time: ~ 6h on my Quad-Core 2.4GHz
  • fidelity: ~ 1000 Samples/pixel
  • postpro: color-adjustment, resizing and sharpening in Gimp

That’s a nice render. It still seems a little desaturated, but maybe that’s the intent. As a compostition, you’ve got a strict one-point perspective. You may want to play around with the camera angle to make a more interesting composition.