Colored glasses

Lots of users seems to have tried to use the caustic features in YafRay. Now it’s my turn to try. Onestly I can’t say that I fully understand how YafRay works. For example, how do I get my glasses more transparent? The “Alpha” value is zero in the rendered image… I’ve tried to tweak the RayTransp values but I havn’t been satisfied with the results. The caustics seems to work even though the result isn’t exactly what I want, but it seems that only the green and yellow glass make a visible result.

(Click the image for a bigger view)

Please comment and make suggestions!

Turn the depth-value in the yafray-panel up to atleast 8. (this image actually require ~10 but I don’t think it will be visible)

You need one depth-value for each surface the ray will pass. (or bounce)
So if you had only one glass it would need atleast 4. Depending on the view-angle ofcourse.

EDIT: oh, and the same apply to the depth-value in the photon-lamp-settings.

EDIT2: :smiley: It might also be hard to see anything through the glasses if your floor is white. Try adding some objects behind the glasses or add a texture to the floor.

For the transparancy of your glass yafray also take the material color in count. So to get the most(or nearly) transparant object possible you have to set material color to white(1,1,1) and alpha to 0(zero).

Hope this helps.

Gr. Walibie

Nice, use OSA to get rid of the jaggies.

I will, as soon as get the glasses to look somewhat like I want… I don’t want to wait forever for the renderings.

Here is an updated image:

I’ve made the glasses more transparent (thanks Walibie) and put them in a more random order and added a texture to the floor/ground (thanks Eric) (it still requires some work but it’s more like a test). The lightning has also changed a little.

Now I’ve noticed some new problems… First of all the caustics is almost invisible and can only be seen near the pink glass. The Photon lamp has it’s energy on Max (10.0) so what should I do to make it clearer? The glasses also have strange black areas at the top. Is this caused by too high IOR or what could be the problem? And it seems like the glasses have some strange artifacts (is that what you call them) at the bottom. The models are so simple that I doubt it could be bad edges so where could the problem be?