Colored Pointcloud Rendering

I made some Scans in Agisoft and I want to render the pointclouds with their inherit color.
When I import a .ply-file into Blender it doesn’t have any vertex colors in the object data tab.
I even tried out to import the ply from Agisoft into Meshmixer (where everything looks fine) and then export again from there - same result.

Some research brought me to the idea that vertex colors are only there when I import a meshed ply but that isn’t my intention ;(

Do you have any further ideas what to do?

Best wishes!

This same issue has been driving me for the last year! I’m currently working on a C++ point cloud mesher that will retain the vertex colors. It’s close to Beta, just working out the Qt GUI mechanics. Free and open-source, naturally :slight_smile: Stay tuned here and on BlenderNation for the TacoVoxel release announcement! In the meantime, MeshLab’s Screened Poisson Reconstruction works pretty well depending on your cloud.

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Thanks for your answer. Is there some kind of a newsletter to sign up? I rarely visit all forums and it would be a pleasure to be one of the first users :wink:

Yeah, the reconstruction works okay but I could easily mesh it in Agisoft.
Thing is: I like the style of point clouds and Blender would be cool to use even though Houdini is also kinda cheap and can do this.

EDIT: Nevermind. I subscribed to your youtube-channel and wait for updates!

No newsletter yet, but the official site is still under construction. If you like you can see a bit of it in action on my YouTube channel at

I originally thought I could just rewrite Blender’s ply importer over a weekend, but the rabbit hole is far deeper than that!

Did you guys take a look at this addon? Looks like it is exactly what you need.

Mhh … interesting tip (!) but in that case I can only do a screen capture with OBS Studio or something similar when I want to have an animation.
The OpenGL Rendering Option in Blender doesn’t seem to cover this Empty-PLY-approach.

A Blender Render or Cycles with transparent background would be of course the best but this plugin is close! :wink:

Thanks again.

Sweet! Hadn’t heard of this one, will definitely check it out. Thank you!

I’m really close now :slight_smile: This is a VisualSFM cloud after being processed with my point cloud voxellizer


woop woop. The hype is real ! :blush:

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Shoot me an email to [email protected] and I’ll send you a download link for the beta :):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve sent you a mail 2 weeks ago. Can you check your spam?

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Oh geez! Sorry about that!

Heyy Prostka ! I send you an email, i am a student and reaaaally need this point cloud voxelizer !! Thank you!!

This has now been totally replaced by the awesomeness of Geometry Nodes! Check it out at