Colored primitives

Hi, just following the trend started by Lee Griggs.
Made in Blender and Cycles.

Amazing! Displace modifier or particles?

Thanks. Particles :wink:

These are beautiful, lenain34! I love seeing the work people create using simple but effective tools. It makes me feel like I too can create works of art, even if my modeling skills are deplorable!

5 stars from me!

Thanks, particles are really fun to play with! :slight_smile:

very nice! Simple and Beautifull!!! :slight_smile:

are you planning an animation with them?

really cool, great look overall. nothing incorrect or missing here, it’s just nifty artwork!

Nice job! How about tutorial? :slight_smile:

beautiful,second image looks natural(like oil film or fluid flow)

Tanks all for the kind comments.

Don’t know for the animation, maybe… :smiley:

May I ask… how many particles (roughly) are we looking at?

700.000 particles more or less depending on the scene

Wow, nice. It seems Blender is handling particles better these days. Not long ago, my machine had difficulty with 128k, although I guess that was an animation. Great stuff!! I’ll have to revisit particles now.