Colored Shading

In Cycles, is it possible to change the color of the shaded part of an object in oppose to just darkening the original color? I am trying to recreate a Kirby shader, and I am having difficulty getting the shaded part to look right. Here is an image to describe the problem:

On Kirby, the shaded area is red, where as on my test material the shaded color looks gray. I think that the color on Kirby is suppose to simulate SSS, but I tried using the SSS node in Cycles and it did not have the right result (also it requires cpu rendering, which is significantly slower than gpu).

Is there any way to simply change the color of the shading?
Thank you for any help!

Thank you for the link, it was helpful but the solution that he came up with in the end was in Blender Internal, but I would like to be able to be able to get the effect in Cycles. I think that the solution I’m looking for is not physically accurate (because I would like this material to be able to be in all environments, but still have this type of shading). I tried to convert the solution in the other thread to Cycles, but was not successful.

Is there any way to use a translucent shader where only rays of light that pass through the object are visible, and mix it with a diffuse shader? I believe this would have the right result but I can’t figure out how to set up the nodes correctly. Perhaps the light path node is needed?
If anyone has any ideas or knows of a solution, your thoughts are much appreciated :slight_smile:

See post #2 by BartekSkorupa in that other thread - that’s for Cycles…?

Yes, it is for cycles but that solution relies on the environment, which in my case would be a red sky. I would like to be able to use the material in any environment and still have the same appearance, but maybe this is not possible in cycles?

Bartek’s environment solution is the one that will require the least render time, I guess. In the image I added to my previous post, there are in fact three environments: An HDR for lighting, a white one only visible to the camera and a red one only visible to diffuse rays.

But of course any environment solution will not work if your Kirby isn’t the only object in that scene…

Wow, that material looks great! Thanks for all of the help, and effort. I’ll look at the blend file experiment with it!

You’re welcome. After loading that file you might see this in the upper right of your screen:

Just hit “Reload Trusted” and the driven channels should work.