Colored shadow pass error

Recently when i was using the composite nodes i discovered that models wich i had changed the material color from the standard grey to red (happens with other colors also)caused the model show up red on the shadow pass too.(This doesnt happen if i use a texture mapped to the color)

Steps to recreate this:

Start a standard scene with: cube , camera and lamp

Create a plane to have somthing to see the shadows on

Go to rendelayers and activate shadow pass

Activate use compositing

Go to composite nodes and add a viewer node to the shadow pass

Then go to the material for the cube and change the color to red or any other bright color

Render the scene and the cube should be colored in the shadow pass

I don’t know if this only happens on my pc and i have tested it on both 2.48a and a updated 2.48
svn 18707.

I am using win xp sp2 (tell me if you need more information)

It’s certainly a bug, because when you add a color ramp to your material, the cube remains white in the shadow pass.

I tried using the color ramp and i noticed a few things: One was that if the alpha of one of the colors is anything other than full then the bug doesnt happen the same if you mix two different colors(full alpha) but three or more sometimes causes it to bug out (must lower the alpha on two of the colors to get rid of the error when using three colors) but also using two different shades of the same color.

Sorry for reviving this thread again but after reading that there were plans for releasing 2.49. I then downloaded 248.2 rev 19344 on to check if ther error was still there and it was or at least for me.

So i just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem ?

Sorry for once again reviving this zombie thread but this time i have found a solution to the problem. Simply connect the shadow pass to a mix node set to saturation with black or white (both work fine) as secondary color and the shadow pass should be only b&w :smiley: (Sorry forgot to mention that the Fac should be set to 1.0)