Colored wireframe models

Hi there,
I am working with rather complex model with lot of different objects. Is it opossible in blender to choose some different color of wireframe model for each object? It would be very helpful just to see which line is part of object i want to edit… I just didnt find out how to do it. Thak you for hint (if possible).

very easy. Make a Model with differnet colors and render ( while rendering select render pipeline ->Wire )

Hi, thanx for response. Where do I find this settings? Didnt find it anywhere under F10 tab. I suppose I am just completely blind :slight_smile:

I don’t think he wants different wire colors in rendering, but in the 3D scene, am I right duf?
I don’t know if it’s possible, but I remember there was a python script for that, some time ago, but I can’t find it right now.

yep, i need it for easier modelling. Let say I wolud like to have wall mesh in different color than furniture, so I could clearly see which vertexes and edges are part of which object. Now it is a bit messy even when I use layers. Thanks for any possible advice.

There’s just two colors, selected and not. They can be set in the theme. For working on complex models, Hide the parts you are not working on (select in edit mode and press H to hide, alt-H to unhide). If you set up vertex groups for the different parts of your model, it is easy to select parts to hide. The other option is to separate your complex thing into multiple parts, and then only edit one part at a time. You can also hide objects in your scene, or use layers and not select those layers to remove them from view.