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Yesterday I started to make some procedural materials for my future projects. So far I’m really happy about the result.

I also tried to make a material that changes colors near the edge of a shape, but I don’t find a proper way to make it works.

I tried with the famous pointiness technique, but the result is not really smooth + it doesn’t work properly for shapes that have bevel modifier and the result is not consistent between two different shapes as you can see on the picture bellow :

Next technique, I tried the bevel node, which at first look fabulous but again, if I had a bevel modifer it starts to look really weird. As you can see, the bevel acts really weirdly with bevel modifier.

Anyone as a proper way to achieve it and that works nicely with different shapes?

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you could make a copy of your object then use wire modifier !
change color

another way would be to unwrap and use the UV map as a mask !

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First, thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought about these tricks too but this is not procedural :-/… would be awesome to see a real solution with a node made for creases and angles to achieve this kind of effect.

It’s useful for thousand of different material.

using the pointiness and bevel nodes gives some results
but not 100 % !

will check some files on bevel nodes!

how about this one

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edges showing up !

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Hey, thanks for your answer.
I tried to replicate but I couldn’t find the value on Vector Math Node. Do you know why?
SO weird.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

this was done In latest 2.82a
so there are some new nodes

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see this thread

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So weird… I’ve downloaded the last version of Blender and it doesn’t show up. Same for the last experimental version 2.83 :-/ I only have vector that shows up :o

which model is this for ?

show whole nodes set up !

that vector node is inside the converter math vector

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Even if I try with a cube it doesn’t work the same as you.
My issue is that you use the value from converter math vector but I doesn’t have it even after uninstall and install the last version of blender :-/

As you can see on the image bellow, the value is missing on the vector node. I’ve checked couple times and it’s the Math Vector (It’s not the wrong node…)

Don’t undertstand how it’s possible :neutral_face:

I tried with these two versions of blender:

The node setups shown further up seems nonsensical to me. Cross product (and subtract) returns a vector, not a value. What comes out of the value socket in cross product mode, I have no idea. If you change to Dot Product, the output will change to value as expected - but it likely won’t produce what is produced above.
Ricky, do you have a source for that setup? Dot product, distance, and length are the only ones that produce a value output. And scale is the only one that uses a value (scalar multiplication).

I’m not sure about the other setup, but when plugged into a Distance Vector Math the Bevel node works on 2.82a:

The main bits there are the Bevel node and ColorRamp—or whatever control node you choose. More Samples will make the Bevel more opaque, until you go too high and the edges start to fade again. Radius will influence thickness. The control node will define sharpness; you can increase radius and tweak that node to make it a bit more defined. I picked a ColorRamp because it’s quick and simple to adjust, but you can try other nodes like Curves.


which nodes set up are you talking here ?

will see the source for it
i got the working file and it looks ok

but I did not try it with a lot of other shapes


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Thanks for all your replies. Finally, I found a guy on YouTube and he made a complex node tree to make sure that I can play with edges with all kinds of shapes!
Here’s the link for people interested:

Vector distance. I made a custom group for this long time ago when we didn’t have it built in, for this kind of purpose. But I forgot all about it. Downloaded the edge detect node, will have a look into it later.