Colorful gemstones ring viz

The animation will feature a jewelry store scene.
Rendering now.

Also a special clay flyby

A client asked if advanced jewelry viz can be achieved with Blender.
I said yes. I also happened to be designing a ring full of gemstones.
Actually producing a 40 seconds animation.

Design was made with 3DESIGN CAD PRO


this looks amazing, lol If you asked it could be load screen, on Blender software, That good - - Really like, designing jewelry is a potential application for Blender, in the future, I think - -

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Thanks for your very encouraging comment.
I have been using Blender to design jewelry for years, started using 2.78, at a profesional and teaching level. I have created more than 50 tutorials so far, although in Spanish. Blender is already very good to design jewelry.

List 1

List 2

hey Hoya, good work! Nice gems.

PH Bob
Minion World

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Hi there, thanks. Sorry, no minions in my scene. But you gave me an idea for a next project :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

did you render in cycles or EEVEE ?

nice work - well done
light is good lot’s of details

happy cl

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Thanks. Client is loving it.
Cycles. EEVEE is not made for so much refractions and reflections. So obviously I have been rendering for days. Almost ready to produce the animation though.

if you really want superb reflec refrations you could do it in yafaray or luxrendre
which are way better for glass then cycles!

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Yes, I have read that a couple of times, and actually I installed Luxrender in Blender 2.82 which is also open source. I wanted to do the entire project in Luxrender… But then I ran into micro displacement issues and longer render times… I was disappointed… But it gave me the idea to try Principled BSDF in Cycles instead of the glass that I usually recommend… It worked magic. Other renderers offer chromatic aberrations and glares at hand but I noticed that my competitors in this field abuse them and break the realism trying to over do it. I said I won’t need that to achieve the goal.

without overdoing it
I mean caustic is way better in yafaray or lux
but just experiment a bit with these and see if it is worth
render time might be even longer then in cycles
and results should be more realist

happy cl

I am curious which is best, Yafaray or Luxrender… You are right about experimenting, I just don’t have time now. My materials make a very important use of the displacement node, I couldn’t make it work in Luxrender, I hadn’t time to find an equivalent, but don’t even know if there is one.