Colorful Paint Explosion

Hi, Here is one of my favourite render because I’ve always wanted to play with paint fluids and colors but I was always stopped by the fact that it’s impossible to mix to different colored fluids in blender but at last I’ve achieved this render ! So please : Let me know what do you think about it and what could I improve on the picture :wink:

well this looks nice to me… rendering them in cycles may produce more mesmerizing effects!! (I don’t know if you already have rendered it in cycles)

Thank you, yeah it’s blender internal render (not sure about mesmerizing translation x) but sure if could looks even better in cycles I haven’t thought about it before because of my old graphic card but now, it could looks great ! Thanks again

Love It! If you love fluids try RealFlow. it’s a software just for that kind of things. I don’t know it, but you can learn it I guess.

Thanks, I’ll look for it