Colorful Skull [Skull Art Collection No.12]

Probably the last Skull Art for a while. I always love doing scull art because it lets me explore other styles that I don’t commonly go towards.

Anyways. this was really cool I used some street art off some image I found on unsplash by Samuel Regan-Asante. I basically took an image and perspective cropped it then used the burn tool to clear out the kinda over exposed parts and then brought it into blender and used object on a texture coordinate node and referenced an empty cube, super helpful if you want to map things visually.

Here is the image I used
and here is the edited version of that image:

and here is the node setup for the skull:

And here is a little video of the post work in photoshop:
2021-11-19 20-04-09.mkv (1.2 MB)
(I know downloads suck, but if you really want to check it feel free)

anyways, I hope you all have an awesome day and I hope you enjoyed this little reboot of the collection, remember you guys can check all of these on my website.

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Awesome work man! You nailed the colors and lighting.

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Thanks :blush: , The lighting was the most challanging part as not only the scull needed to be lit right, but also the bump map made from the texture needed to taken into account, so finding that “golden zone” with lighting was probably the part that took the longest to get

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