Colorful slow smoke ( blend included for the community )

Animation/Rendeirng is done in Blender ( by Patricia Uma Rawal and KK Rawal.
No Sound.
Youtube Clip is here


it looks nice but smoke? :slight_smile:

Could you post a quick explanation of your technique, or maybe a .blend? I think with a few tweaks to the materials, this could be used for relatively realistic smoke.:yes:

…and those can be use like bubbles too!

This is Blender Particle effect, Color chaning using IPO and Hollow Shader.

If you want to make that look like smoke, you should play around with the Node Editor.

Ideally what you want is to blur the intersections of the bubbles, but not necessarily the outline of the group of particles. Should be theoretically doable with nodes.

This is a sort of phenomenon you will see from a really big fire from a distance. You see a fairly regular spherical billowing texture, like lots of bumps, as the thick smoke and heat hits the wind currents and creates a funnel into the sky. If the cells (bubbles) are more opaque and darkened - like thick smoke - and some displacement modifiers added to randomize it a bit more, it would look like a big oil fire from a distance. I think you would need more cells and the relative size of them would need to be decreased as well in proportion with the funnel size. You want that rippled look.

Thanks MSpace
for comments. I got the original .mov with 640x480 and it looks so real, but the youtube quality is not very good and I uploaded mpg version that make the quality more poor. Thanks for guidance and I will improve more and show.

No blend file?
You can download 3D Animation movie of colorfull smoke only 2.1 mb (mpg)


This is how the bubble sounds from Mousse T’s “Horny” look like.

Now you know.

Love the effects :smiley:

Hi Thanks for reply. You bunny is cute.

reminds me of cotton candy.

Thanks linuxpimp21
Next time I will show more better oen.

I have uploaded the blend file.
Please open in Blender.242 Its not working in Blender.246/247
I have to work on that.
In Blender.242 its working fine.
please help to convert in 247 and reupload?


color_smoke.blend (106 KB)

I forgot which version the particle system got rewritten but pretty sure it was after 2.42. I am assuming that is why your file doesn’t work in the newer versions. I don’t know if you can convert it somehow. My guess is you will have to redo it in a new version.

Hi kkrawal,

> Please open in Blender.242 Its not working in Blender.246/247

How come you haven’t updated Blender since 2.42? It’s not a criticism, I’m just curious.

I am doing all new projects in Blender.247 only. I just didn’t had the time to modify this colorfull slow smoke blend. Sone one asked me to view the setting in another thread, that’s why I have uploaded in this thread as well as in another thread.