Coloring from x3d

Hi there,

I’m trying to import a 3d model from ParaView into Blender. This model has a colored surface representing some scientific data. The blender render seems to read everything fine, but with cycles I only get a geometry with no textures. I am aware that the implementation of cycles is still a work in progress, so I just wanted to check if anybody knows how to work this out. I’m using x3d format to port the model.

Thank you

If the colour is coming from vertex colours rather than an image texture you can get the data using an attribute node

Attach an example blend or x3d file

I’ve been trying to get something from the information you gave me, but I’m not sure I understand what you said. Here’s a sample blend file. I don’t have the x3d file right now with me.

The x3d file does not hold colour information as an image file but using vertex colour infomation
To render the colour you need to tell blender to use this colour data.
In blender internal you give your object a material and in the Material / Option panel you enable the ‘Vertex Color Paint’ tickbox
For Cycles renderer you set the colour using the Attribute node set to the name of the vertex colour data (in this case Col)


That’s perfect. It was easy, but didn’t know where to get the name for the attribute. Thank you very much!