coloring pages

If you have young kids you know what coloring pages are. I have used more paper for my kids printing Sponge Bob and dinos than any thing I ever needed paper for. I just got a camera and I was curious if I could make some pages for my kids of photos I took. I used Gimp for this I think they look good I may try an animation soon.


These are pretty good, but I would go over the lighter lines and make them solid and dark.

Nice Idea! Gonna have to try that and make some family coloring pages for the nephew…

I could have drawn some lines for stills but I wanted to see how it would work with just filters. I would like to try an animation and I don’t want to touch up each frame. I desaturated the image, used Gaussian edge detect, adjusted the contrast did another GED and contrast adjustment. I also tried the greystoration plug in it smoothed the image up allot.