Colormate - Color Harmony and Palette Manager

Hi @bkjernisted,

Thank you for your question. The newest release colormate v1.2.1 was tested on 2.83.0, 2.90, 2.91 and works fine. Basically the addon should work on any blender version later than 2.80.

I updated the blendermarket listing accordingly, thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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nidus, how do I do a search for say brown’s, or green’s, or maroon’s in colormate? Or is this possible? Thanks

As long as there are names saved for each color in your palette you can search for them.
Listmode and Gridmode both do give you the option to filter.

You can look at this page in the docs for information on this:
colormate-docs [Persistent Library]

Also here are the same images from the docs that highlight the search bars:
bl_colormate_library_gridview_search bl_colormate_library_listview_search

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