Colors and output//ftype

I know this sounds odd, but I’d like to render images as 8 bit .bmps. Does Blender have a setting for that or should I just set my computer to 8 bit while rendering these.?

You’ll have to convert in a 3rd party application. Changing your display settings would not affect Blender the least. (it would affect how the image is displayed, but it would still be 8 bit per channel)


thanks for the quick reply. Ya, I just tried switching to 8 bit and Blender wouldn’t even display right. Oh well I have Irfanveiw.

Now I feel like a noobie asking this, but I can’t seem to put file extensions on rendered outputs. How can I add that to frames and rendered sequences?

in render panel, turn on “Extensions”.

for the 8bit-thing - yea, use irfanview, or try using Ftype in blender. AFAIK, this feature let’s blender “examine” a file of a certain type (in the render buttons, output tab, third slot) and render your animation to that particular filetype. in the format tab, simply choose Ftype from the list.

so you’ll first need a “prototype” image with 8 bit, made with PS or GIMP.

BTW, never tried that. just remember from the old blender-book

but it didn’t work. It looks right, ftype is set to a .bmp, extentions on, but images and anim sequences still save without the extension. :-?