colors get mixed up

Hey there,

I made some animations in blender and those animation are used in a new one as textures. On 2 animations the colors get mixed up, which is strange because when i view them in Mediaplayer the colors are correct.

Thanx :smiley:

Can you post the .blend so I can have a look at your materials settings? ( don’t pack the texture please, I only need to see the settings. :wink: )

Hey Modron,

I can mail u the blend file if u wish if u give me ur email. Ohterwise i dont know how to post the file… :expressionless:

Twan :-?

btw it looks like the blue color is mixed up. Others seem to be oke. I use planes to put the movies on, and duplicated them with alt-d so i think al planes should be the same?

Might premiere be the problem. This is the program where i rendered the movies in?

thanx again…