colors in motion - a half year project


After six months i’m very happy to show my newest project. Its a little nightmare about my dear friends, the rubik’ cubes :slight_smile: Hope you like it.

(of corse: every 3d stuff an special-effects are made in blender)

That is an immense amount of work to create, especially in only 6 months! Your dreams must have been nightmares of their own!
How did you create the moving Rubik’s cube effect on the surface of the objects? That was really cool.

WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW the part where those things were being introduced into the head of the guy…WOOW

gj dude! I dont want to imagine how much effort did u put to finish this, there is so much work involved. And for a video that lasts 9 minutes, omg

Amazing work!!! Very good job!! This is way better than acid trips :stuck_out_tongue: That part when he was dissected, the blood was real life effects right?

Thank you all so much :slight_smile: Thats nice to read :smiley:

@James Candy : The cubes on the Face are made with a 2D Clip with moving, colored squares. Then i made the same clip in only black and white to use it as normal map-clip for the displacement modifier.

@justinodunn : Yes and no. The inside of the person was 3D, but the hanging skin on the sides was a real effect with fake blood.