Colors in rendered background image is different from original

I am very new to blender, i have setup up an background image to add cloth on the persons face. My problem is the colors from the render is different from the original image? Is it something in the color section space in the nodes? how do i get the same color from blenders render as the original :slight_smile:

I imagine it has to do with using the Linear ACES color space. Color spaces and scene/device referred images/color transforms are something that I still struggle with after many years of image processing/creation. I wish I could tell you what to do to fix it, but I at least feel like that color space choice contributes to your issue.

I imagine your original image is in the sRGB color space, so try changing to that and see if that changes your colors back to normal.

Iā€™d also recommend reading the Color Management section of the manual to get some clarification: