Colors of changed

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

Since some people found the black text on the grey background a bit hard to read, I have changed the text color to white (and I actually like how it looks :))

Hope this helps some people out,

Timothy Kanters

(BlenderBob) #2

I never found it hard to read but this looks soooo much better!
Thanks Kib


([email protected]) #3

The white text is easier on my eye`s :o

  Thanks Kib,


(sten) #4

it have never been as good as this !!! :o :o :o :o

now finally I can read everything…

when doing layouts you must always think using complement colors
so that they come in contrast and not die into each other… !!

cool work Kib !!! 8)


(Schlops) #5

Three cheers for Kibster, especially from my eyes :o

(Sprite) #6

I can see!!! Let there be light! :slight_smile:

Thanks for changing the colors!

(Turrin) #7

hey, the site looks great…

but how do you pronounce its name?

I’ve never quite figured it out.