colors of the autumn

Hello, hope you like it.

and AO, to show, which parts are geometry.


Beautiful! I’ve set this as my desktop wallpaper :smiley:

How long did it take you to complete this piece?

@GyngaNynja thank you!
It did not take very long - about a week in total…

Great work!

That is beautiful, absolute inspiration!

I take that was using cycles, or BI? What was the render time? and did you do any post processing? (Questions Questions!).

@Carel_de_Winter, Thank you!!! yep it is cycles, rendertime is 37 mins on GTX 770, i used PS in post pro, used Z-buffer for a little fog, used AO to add more details.

Awesome! If this doesn’t end up as top shelf, I’ll damn well eat my proverbial hat…

It really wants to make me work harder at getting blender right. Stunning work!

@Stubby_Tyrant, thank you!, hope it will :slight_smile:

How many samplings was it rendered at?

its 1000 samples

great scene!

@ctdabomb , thank you!

Nothing else to say…

Like so much the painting style, really nice.

@antoni4040 thank you!

beautiful image,the trees look quiet realistic ,how were they modelled,leaves are particle system?

nope, it is trees from curves and blender 2.4 for tree modeling

can you post the twig generation settings for “trees from curves” script and some tips on making tree using the script.thanks.

i used script not for all tree, only for small branches and than made a tree shape with curves myself and than placed the brunches on the shape, for bushes i created curves with full shape bevel and thats all…

i could make a small brunches myself but i’m too lazy for it. I used script to get smoothly merged trunks on small brunches and to place leaves…

sorry for my broken English - not my native language