Colors still not deleted

I have deleted color material by putting my object in Object mode and click the minus to delete all my colors for that model, but when I click on the up and down arrow near the new window to add colors, I still see all the colors I had for that object, and I can not delete them. I like to delete them as not to interfere when doing particle hair to put material on them. Please help.?

if im understanding this correctly you have an object (lets call it fred) and it currently has no materials assigned but the materials are still available in the drop down correct??

this is because the materials are still in the blend file as “assets” they are not linked to fred at all (you deleted the links)

can you post your blend file (with any texture packed)?

To purge unused materials in Blender, just save your file, close and reopen. All orphaned data blocks will thereby be deleted.