colors with baked radiosity?

I finaly figured out how to bake radiosity, and get it in the game engine, but how do I make the objects colored? like in the radiosity walkthrough demo?

I recommend you, to use Lighmaps

Look this examples:

If you prefer to use radiosity, look this script:

BRayBaker 3


Getting it in the game engine and baking it to a low poly mesh is two different things.

Do you know the difference between the two?

If your radiosity solved mesh is subdivided, then you did not bake, you just got it into the game engine.

From what I understand baking is getting all that lighting information as a part of the texture, so that you don’t have to bother with all the extra polys created by the radiosity calculation.

You can get different colors by assigning different materials to different faces and then changing their color as you wish.

Social’s understanding of baking is correct. It is taking the texture/material of an object in Blender and creating a UV mapped texture to apply to a low-poly mesh. You haven’t baked if your final mesh has 10-100 times as many faces as the original. If you have baked it, you need to let me and Social know, because we’re looking for an easy way to do that.

To make it colored like the walkthrough demo, assign colors in the Shading >> Materials buttons (“subcontext” is the technical word) to the objects before you calculate your radiosity solution in the Shading >> Radiosity subcontext.