it was long since I made a sketch,
but here are my latest I made this week
during my countryside trip, I hope you all like it:

to those that comes with crits,
I am still learning how to do nice sketches,
and as a 3D artist, a sketch artist will never be
complete in his/hers artwork/-form.

thanks for spending time watching my art :slight_smile:


Espically the kiwi. I like that!

i like that red thing more, whatever it is… :smiley:

thanks both :slight_smile:

the red thingie is supposed to be an Orange,
I didn’t work to hard to get the correct color
I guess…maybe a Blood orange :wink: ?

cool, guess what purple-eyed-ppl can draw! =D

very nice!

i think you might need some darker shading round the very darkest bits to give it a little more contrast

rock on


awesome, as always great use of colour =D

Hey lightning

its called a “KIWI FRUIT”

ha ha ha just kidding

its just i am a Kiwi and there are birds called Kiwi’s

its very confusing (so we call em KIWI FRUIT here where they were named LOL)

ha ha ha

anyway it a decent sketch (chalk pastel i presume)

i would like to see a crayon drawing of that (and yes crayons are under rated, they are infact very cool to use)

Cool :slight_smile:

It’s a while I don’t make scketches myself … mmm…


nice friendly looking pic.


thanks, I am happy that you like it,
but I have seen it loses colors when I did the scan,
maybe I shall rescan it…

but thanks!