Colossal Ape

A first hand at Blender Cycles Renderer…and it cool!

Its efficient and does a decent job. I Personally, I liked the emission shader.
As for the subject, wanted to do a grungy law-enforcing, tactical, ajile mech…
more like a metal ape standing tall in a warehouse. The forklifts and the boxes
are meant to show the scale of the main character.

The topology is not really crispy and the focus was more on the lighting.
The only light source here are the windows and a little of AO creating the
dark areas.

The final image was touched a little with RGB curves.

But why “Colossal Ape” ?
Well, what does it look like?

Comments, all welcome.

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Maybe you should place a forklift or a crate a bit closer to the ape, because that would clearify the scale even more.