Colosseum Rome

ok i began working on a model for this Colosseum

and not easy because it seems tht there are no drawings done showing all the vaults
and groin vaults barel vaults and no dimensions in details jsut general
boxe dimensions for this giant building

see pics

any comments suggestins ar welcomes to inprobe and make this model

Thanks & Salutations

i decided to built a low poly version then later on i;ll do the final model

this building is so cimplicated with all sort of arches and all over the place
and so many stairs that i needed time to place things where they shoul be

the problem being that dwg are not that well indicated all the lcoation and the differetn structures around

so here is the beginning of the low poly roman circus


if you look at the 3D model view and the cross section
we see that there are lot’s of stairs and dors going to the seatings areas

has anybody tried to understand how these stiars and doors are set up

it’s very difficutls to see the logic in the models and cross section

any help appreciated !


Cant explain how but it was designed for quick evacuation in normal and alert situations so that not each is falling over others as it happens regualary in Mekka and alike when masses of people have to move quickly out of an area.

Couldn’t they flood the central space and stage sea battles? imagine what that took!

this seens to be a rumor for the time being
not certain if this was the wgole trhuth

but there was an aqueduc system but does it means that i could be used to fill up
the arena - not certain but there was later on an underground added
so if it existed then it must be before that ?

one thing is certain there was massive kiilling of humans and wild animals
and they called this entertainement for the people or was it against the people?

anyway if anybody sees some sort of arragement for the stairs
it appreciate some news on this



Bread and games to keep the people loyal to the empire. There where Gladiators (gladis=sword) who where paid and got famous also got massive training to get a real chance to survive those games and there where others which where sentenced to death for what ever reason but also had the chance to get out alive if the folks where in the right mood and the emporer could chouse thumb up (stay alive) or thumb up (get killed) if he was able to get that far before. its in german but on the bottom is a cross section and you can see from inside and a view from outside on arches and collumns.

anybody has worked on this model before

any advice would be usefull here

i set a circle of 80 sections as per the numbers of arches on the outside
and it looks like the direction of the stairs are not as per the radius of the circle?

so how was the directions determined ?

it has to be symetrical but difficult to guess which symetry was used here
for the ellipse ?

and this would almost mean that the widht of the outside is variable function of the location angle
on the ellipse meaning that you cannot repeat one section 20 times to make one quarter of the ellipse

so you have to make one quarter with arches changing widht for each setcion ?

see pic


so i;m trying to figure out how to automatically make the location of all the columns and radius for the colesseum

see pic

the 4 main gates are larger than the other one

the coluns are not located on the main axis of the ellipse
so there is an offsset

i did this fron a laayout pic but it is low precision and tehre must be a more pecise way
to locate the columns and raidus for the internal walls ect,

now another big questins here are the outside arches constant width following the llipse
or are they straight face insted of following the ellipse?

if any body has any ideas on how to graph the columns location let me kbnow

any help appreciated


i got some info but not enough to get preicse modelling

so it’s only approximative but still not bad

for the underground part of the colesseum
whre the beasts and gladiators where kept waiting to get in the arena
problby drinking bear

see pic

i also took the time to do a roman crane
peoples were walking in the big wheel to lift up load up to 1000 pounds


WOW- amazing nice work, so how are you doing the arches? curves? and then once you have 1 peice set up are you going to duplicate and apply to curve or are you going to array to just model each slice?

well there is a new scrpt to help make arches which is still under construction

so hopefully you can begin to use it to make nice arches - at least the general shape of it
-but it wont do all the stones around it

the only symetry i can see is 1/4 of theellipse then yoy can copy and joint!
unless there is a way to duplicate around an ellipse but i don’t see it yet ?

one more detail - there are 4 main gates which are not the same width i think then the other76 gates
and each gate has a specific number too - in roman number

also you got the stairwells which are not at each section so this has to be done
independently of the section and again some section have stairwell or not

so it’s not simply to duplicate it - it’s a bit more involving a little

only with curves can you follow a path made as an ellipse!

right now still trying to find what model to use for the underground?
don’t have much details drawing on this part of the building
so very diffiocult to guess how to do it with pictures that don’t show eveything


here iif i assumed that the laytout is with true dimensions with no distorsion

width of the outside arches
you can see that the dimensions of the sections near the maing gates are larger than the other sections between the main gates

see pic

as we know of - the roman did not have modern surveyor equipment with laser or satellite with GPS so they were using only small rope with may be a primitive water level - like the Egyptian did i guess
but they knew how to make circle and ellipse from 4 circles

this giant ellipse was done with most probably 4 circles and the radius were done
form the center of theses 4 circles so it gives a width for each section that is almost
equal but not exactly equal

so i think the only way to redo it is to used the old way of the roman architec with 4 circles and do the radius between the 2 ellipses

happy blendering

i found some pictures of Colosseum from a travel report.

i must have seen over 600 pictures of the colesseum

and it’s hard to find any showing the inside underground part

you see very little details

hey thanks anyway


Hi RickyBlender,

Also some info from me, maybe you’re aware of some of it:

Apparently the shape of the arena isn’t a perfect ellipse (although there seems to be still some debate on this). This page gives a description of this:

I think there are some clues there about how to reproduce the curves.

Also, I was flipping through Peter Connolly’s book The Ancient City - Life in Classical Athens and Rome for my own purposes, and I saw it also had some information on the colosseum and its substructures, including drawings and a small plan for the underground portion. If you have access to a library with this book you could look it up. I think Connolly also wrote a book entirely on the colosseum, but my library doesn’t have it.

Good luck!

i did not have this site per say but i got the same info from another site

and i think the roman did used the polycentric with 4 circles to do it

this was the simplest way to do it

but i still need more dwg for the details of the underground

Happy blendering

this an accessorie for roman empire military
here is a ballista for battle field strenght

this can shoot big arrow far to the ennemy on battle field
it is kind of a big crossbow

i still need to find some steel texture for metal part or may be brass !

happy blendering


here are some other equipment used by the roman Army

Happy blendering

here are some centurion and optio hard hats