Colosseum Rome

The work looks really promising so far. Do you consider animating your scene? That could be really fantastic! :slight_smile:

i may ahve to do may be a camera path arournd some of the because you cannot see all the details on the different models

but that will be later on

i still ahve to do a lot of small details here and there

and i need a low poly horse to give the cart more realist look
i’ll probably put some shields on the horse as is was in the roman time


here is a layout for the columns

but if you need a cross sectin let me know
but you can use of of the pic i uploaded here may be!

happy 2.5

Yeah, trebuchet! Also, you called the onanger, onega. Is that Latin presumably?

cool project, man. looking good.

i tough so too
but it’s a very difficult model if you want to be let say inside 1 meter of precision
cause the outside is not an ordinary ellipse!
you get some precision around 4 to 5 meters using the 4 centers equivalent for the ellipse
but that’s far away from being a few centimeters of precision!

there are 4 main gates larger then the average
which means 8 gates which are smaller beside theses main gates
and then you have 68 gates
the minimum symetrie here is only 1/4 of the stadium

i mean i might be able to complete this one by doing some script for doing the columns layout and exterior walls
but definitively more complciated then i tough at first !

i’ll get it one day but don’t know when i get a good script to do the columns and outside walls !

Thanks guys

happy 2.5

hi, thanks for the aditional info.

if you need cross section i can find one in blend file

let me know


how do you made de front view, for example I have the plant of the top view, this one:
(I can’t post links)

And now I want one of the front with the collumns and windows. One that show me the propotions of the 3 floors.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]122016[/ATTACH][ATTACH]122014[/ATTACH]Do you have any problem to access forums
or like very slow to download pages ?

Here is a side view i began for it
but this does not contains all the stairwells holes in stadium floor!

sorry tooo slow to work right now
will have to wait till it comes back more normal

hre is another pic showing the gates or entrance in the stadium
but difficult to figure out what going up or down!
if you find a better one let me know!


here the outside view for arches
but not for the main gates!


my net is portable, so it’s a litle slow.
The last image you put, the outside view of the arches is great for me to begin with.
I’m with several problems, I think what i am making it’s not the right way, but I am a newbie in 3D, yet

Wow the forum is impossible to navigate :frowning: I didnt’ noticed before

what i am doing is arche by arche (80) and then duplicate them, and joining them by eye.
and i am not making the arch rounded.

Here’s what I got:

I can’t post images or links, didn’t get this rule, but ok :frowning:

what is the site where you got theses pictures ?

and you can add some smooth and subsurf to make it look smoothed rounded!

forum is a mess right now diifficult to access and download page is slow!
darn hopethey chan find the problem soon!

happy 2.5

but did you saw my screenshot?

Adding smooth and subsurf will look more realistic and rounded?
I didn’t know how to use it, I will investigate :slight_smile:

why I choose the coliseum :frowning: I could have choosen a rectangular modern building :smiley: :smiley:

yes but dwg is not complete only partial
so can you give the source url for this site
you can find smooth in the tool panel
and you add a modifier subsurf

this is probably the most difficult building if you need high precision
like a few centimeters

and there are so many details
it’s not an easy project ! LOL

happy 2.5

the precision forget, I haven’t got the time or the skills, I have to deliver this project in December, 13
I applied the smooth and the subsurf but I get a strangeness things that don’t make things better for me.

Keep up with you work to :smiley: :smiley:

if you can upload the file here or on MSN and give me the url
i’ can have a look on it may be!

good luck with your project


ok, did not know what you meant.
Here is the file:

Once again I’m making arch by arch, and i am afraid that when I render it, it would look much squared ( I know that this is not well write, sorry for my english)
Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ok subsurf is not a good idea here!
but you an apply smooth no problem

one suggestion you could use the side view i uploaded and make one arch/segment with it
then repeat along the ellipse!

happy 2.5