Colosseum Rome

[ATTACH=CONFIG]122114[/ATTACH]let me know what you think of file sent on PM

here is the pic

happy 2.5

it’s great, I think I just will make the outside part of the building
What’s the technique you use in the columns, do you saw any tutorial?

Whoa, I love it! Can’t wait to see it finished! I’m actually watching a show about the “machines” they used to build the Colloseum right now. It said that there is a drainage system built into the foundation, so I doubt it was added later. Sea battles would still be epic though!

i need some time to make a script to have a model with high precision < 1 meter
and this may take a while

would like to make outside at least with real stone 3D
but don’t think it’s possible vertices count would be in many millions!
but i may do one section like that but not the whole stadium
PC are not powerfull yet to do this!

but there is also another problem the vertices quantity
it’s gone be with a few millions
so not certain i can do a complete model may be 1/2

thanks guys

happy 2.5

Good post….thanks for sharing… very useful for me, I will bookmark this for my future needs.

i did a few of the romans machine see other pages
it’s interesting technologie and for the time gave the roman a big advantage over their ennemies!

don’t forget the roman colloseum was the biggest know building until the 20 First centuries
and more then 1/2 of it is still standing up!
it’s definitively n amazing building

it contains well over 500 circular arches and vaults and we still not certain how they did the layout / construction for this building!

samething thing mind you for the parthenon but for other reasons

they really knew how to work stones and we are still learning from theses guys somethings
mind you they did not have our modern material science and math modelllisation
but where able to produce marvels buildings!

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Do you have the knowledge of this cover parcial covering the top of the coliseum?

[ATTACH=CONFIG]122448[/ATTACH]i did get some info and it was called the awning
one source was from NOVA special program

there where post on outside in the ground with ropes up to the 4 floor
and they use sailors to draw on rope with machines to partially cover a part of the arena but not up to the center

here are some pic i found on diiferent site on internet
First pic shows asome of the upper extrusion in wall to support the poles near the top

alos look in file i sent to you
for the front view i already set the location for the poles support at top

and just a note here

if this has to be built today it would probably cost around 10 billions dollars or more! LOL
25 % of rome population work on making bricks for this stadium a bit more then 1 000 000 bricks in total
and as a matter of fact this is where clay bricks were invented !

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]122505[/ATTACH]i forgot to show a possible mechanism for the ropes!

happy 2.5

wow nice keep up

may be open a new thread for your own model of the colloseum and show us where your at now !


when I have a little more time I will do it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

EDIT: I opened a new wip thread, notice that I am very fresh to blender