Colossus HCR Challenge

Is there anybody interested in creating some really big thing based on this HCR from CGTalk?

I would like to improve my sculpting skills, so I might try to model something really colossal just for fun.

it looks interesting. I am going to think of what to do all day now.

maybe do somthing from the game: shadow of the colossus.

might be quite cool.

It would be cool to see what is made.

ha I have an idea. the largest ball of yarn!

Better: The cube with the most intricate pattern of polygons wins :p. Or the hardest to make cube.

I think I might actually try it out. I thought this one might be a bit up to my skill level.
Statue of Thiruvalluvar

Thank you…Argonath…Yes!!!

I’ve already created the biggest cube with volume of 8^12 cubic BU. The biggest cube ever.

Now, why is there that limit (10 000 is magical number, isn’t it, max resolution of 10 000px, max camera clipping 10 000 BU…)? Are the mesh (and other data) stored relative to their center (or pivot), so why this? Is this because of lowered precision with high numbers or what?

There is no way my computer would ever survive an undertaking such as this.

Nor my patience.