Colossus sculpt for blender game

HI im currently working on the skateboard/free running game but i want to learn more about sculpting in blender and i was looking at some concept art sketches for shadow of the colossus and i found this picture of a colossus that never made it into the game

i picked this because the design looks extremely epic and looks like it will be fun to sculpt ant try to create in blender, so i will be making the sculpt and then baking the normals onto a lower resolurion model and release it here :slight_smile:

By the way for people who have played shadow of the colossus its the best game EVERRR!!! and i beat it on easy and hard mode with all the items (parachute,ico sword etc.)


good luck.

How would you defeat that Colossus? Jump on the tail? Then run all the way up and stab it? ð_ð But seriously that game rocked!

it looks like it was supposed to be fast thats why i think theres the little one it was probably going to be faster than your horse.

Nice challenge Bob and wish u Gud luck :smiley: im sure ur gonna make it and just a notice for u guys that im close to post my first character textured,dude plz follow along that tutorial in the, after watching that ull “never” struggle on textures anymore believe me and that made me feel much more confident when it comes to texturing job! and i just noticed lots of tricks after playing with the tecnique that is not even explainined in the video thus in other words,that video kindof teachs u how texturing work in blender ^^
try that out first and then start wit ur new challenge,ok this mightve sounded weird but im not trying telling on ya what to do ,im just trying to advise u as my own experience ;~)
All the best,

dude I’m guessing that picture is fake, it looks painted :confused: It’s too epic… lol Shadow of Colossus is an awesome game! But it’s going to be a heck of a lot of work to make it 0.o

Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue: