Colour and Texture Not Rendering Correctly

Good Evening Blender Artists,
I am a new user of Blender 2.57 and this is only my second project. I have been using the tutorials and manuals to try and learn without having to bother anyone, but now I am stuck. My character is not showing the materials and textures correctly when I perform a test render. He is not completely finished yet but I like to check things as I go along instead of waiting to find out that something is wrong at the end of a project. I am including a copy of my file and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions that anyone may have.

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Introduction To Character Animation6.blend (1.87 MB)

The blend file you posted seems to be really messed up, here are some bullet points:

  • First thing I noticed was the the viewport was really slow and sluggish, so I checked the modifiers of the main charackter and reduced the subdivision levels for the view on the subsurf modifier from 6 to 2. There are very few rare cases when you need to go above three, and changing the subdivision levels for the viewport won’t change the render, you have to increase the “Render:” levels instead.
  • Your scene was HUGE! Usually I operate with 1 blender unit = 1 meter, in those standards, your character would be frigging 40 km high and 30 km wide… :smiley: I scaled the entire scene down with a factor of 0.0001 and applied the scaling and rotation (I saw you had some rotation along the Y-axis for the mesh objects, than can cause trouble later when you try to rig and animate the object.).
  • Now, the main problem is that you have ambient color turned on. In the world settings (where you assign ambient occlusion and the like) you have to make sure the ambient color is black, otherwise all objects will be lighted with a non-shaded light equivalence to the ambient color.
  • I also disabled “paper sky”, enabled ambient occlusion, and some other settings that were simply unnecessary; and to be able to navigate through the settings, I reloaded the default UI.

Here’s the updated render:

Here’s the modified .blend, just ask if something is unclear:
Introduction To Character Animation6.blend (439 KB)

Dear Atorp,

Thank you ever so much for taking your time to help me, I really do appreciate this. He looks a lot better now! You have taught me a valuable lesson!

                                                  Thanks Once Again!

P.S. : I checked out your web. Love your work!

I can add this tiny addendum concerning scale: Scale can be really important, especially if you work with the game engine. However, it’s easy to lose your sense of scale. As has been said, a Blender unit is 1 meter. But how can you tell what a blender unit is? The grid space constantly subdivides. Simply add a default cube. The cube is 2 blend units sq, or 6 meters.

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Excellent! :slight_smile: thanks for the kind words.

And 3dmedieval has some good advice, notice for instance that I left your character with a height of 4 blender units; scaling it down even more, to half the size, is a good idea. This not only helps you now, but keeping a consistent scale mindset throughout your projects will help you get familiar with the render engine, so that you can apply lighting setups that has proven useful in earlier projects with minimal tweaking.

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To Artorp and 3Dmedieval,

Thank you both for the added lessons. No wonder my computer was crashing 40Km x 30Km will do it! I have downloaded your replies and the repaired file to my pc so that I will always have them handy as I learn. I am going back over my original file and making the necessary changes so that I can get a better understanding of what happened, and keeping the repaired file intact for constant reference. I feel that I will learn better this way, without forgetting what you have taught me! I have been using the Blender 3D:Noob To Pro Manual at Wikibooks and also following the written tutorials the Blender website, but I find that they are a bit incomplete in spots although still very good. My Gingerbread Man "Gus" turned out pretty good, the was my firstborn. (Lol)   This character that you are helping me with now is only my second child, actually it's only my second project too!


P.S. This my first forum and post as well!