Colour Blind

Does anybody have any info about what colour combinations to use and avoid when considering colour blindness?

Also check some of the other stuff on that site if that doesn’t answer your question entirely.

EDIT: The link on that site is broken. Here it is:

A search for ‘designing accessible color spectrums’ brings up a lot of relevant topics.

Avoid red/green
Avoid blue/yellow

Thanks, following GodOfBigThings first link I found a free eBook download which has some good and clear examples, I was going to screencapture and post, but…
Looking at some of the pairs of colours on page 15 is quite startling, you would think that they were easily distinguishable.

I never realised it affects as many as 8 - 12% of men (less than 1% of women!)

From arexma’s page it explains that its really about difference in brightness (I tend to use colours of the same brightness in many of my colour schemes), and I was surprised to find that “blue is the universally recognizable color”.

“”“A very light green and a very dark red will be easier to distinguish than a red and green that are similar in brightness. Remember that the more similar two colors are in brightness or in saturation, the harder they will be to distinguish.”""

Thanks guys, this will influence not only my art but also my app and web interface design (is that still art?)