Colour Change Linking Mesh

This mesh changes colour when linked. Lighting’s not that different. Any reasonable explanation?

Nope…Me either.
Sorry, this ain’t how things get done.
Take a glimpse hereplease.

Okay, here’s the root file
Taking the time to investigate would be most generous.

Rendering the mesh in the root file you supplied gets me the Original. To what did you link the mesh? In what way is the lighting different?

Looks to me like it’s the default world properties. Turn off ambient occlusion and set the world background color to the same as in the original file.
EDIT: With more tinkering… No that’s not it.

In addition to SkpFX’s analysis, it’s a difference in the color management settings between your file and the settings used in a default .blend. In your file, Display Device is None, in a default file it’s sRGB.

color management in scene property window resolves it . thanks

it’s being linked by group to use as a rig.