colour code the X,Y,Z

I would like see a simple change made that should have done when blender was first created. colour code any references to the X, Y, and Z in the interface / interfaces to the X,Y, and Z on the ‘world’ or ‘object local’ - the new coloured font could have a new black ‘G’ or black ‘L’ for global - world or local - local to item next to it.

I am not shure if I am the only one, but I do not understand what you want.
Please try to explain it again.

Show us an example of the other 3d applications that do this do it’s clear what you want.

Are the different axis names difficult to differentiate currently

How would it work with theming of the interface colours ? It may become unreadable for some colour combinations and you wouldn’t want to change these axis colours because they would then not match the viewport axis colours


In the bottom left corner of blender we have - Z up blue, Y green, X red, I think it easier / faster to use if the interface x,y,z were colour coded to the View Windows.

I think the same thing about wings3d. Run that, it would be easier / faster, less confusing if those were also colour coded. But that is another program, we’re talk blender here.

Just a reconditions for the programmers.

when you select and object set the widget on
and it will show you same coordinates axis all the time

happy bl

Even if it’s not color coded it’s always in the same order, X, Y, Z. This makes sense to me. Although your suggestion is already in place for some things like keyframes (yellow on the frame there’s a keyframe on, green otherwise).

Something else that’s been bugging me a long time, the hard coded axis keys (x y and z on the keyboard) don’t make much sense to me, I would rather be able to rebind them to have them be next to each other. This is annoying enough I now use the middle mouse button instead… And even then I can’t go into local mode by pressing middle button again or something, I need to press the axis twice. Sigh. :spin: A bit off topic but stuff like this makes me sad.

Is this what you mean:
under ->‘type of active data to display or edit:Object’ -> ‘Display’ it has an ‘Axis’ checkbox which does display the axis in yellow if your object does not get in the way.

But that is not what I was looking for; again more of having the interface X,Y,Z colours match the (worlds)view colours or item colours.