Colour Confusion

Problem pic:
Bigger version

The center window shows the 3D window. The one on the right is in the game engine, identical shot. The top object was added first. The objects are 100% distinct except that they share the same font texture. The colours come from setting face colours. Using 2.41 but identical results in 2.37a.

Why does the top object copy the bottom one and (can’t see it here) why does it also copy the exact UV positions?

The linked pics do not seem to be working for us to get a visual. The import shows an X through it (unlinked). And the URL is non-active. Not trying to be rude, just thought you should know.

I appologize for the first comment. It was my router that was acting up again (long story). Anyway have you tried applying Two-Sided to the offending portions? It may be that they are inverted. If you fix the problem through this then you will need to invert them back to normal normal by Control N in edit mode.

The only way I have found to do this.Is you will need two of the same fonts.
Just Give them diffrent names.


This is what I do in my game. I am making right now.

hehe ive noticed this aswell.

Seems like all text objects share the same vertex colors.

There are two ways around this problem.

  1. Like Blackpawe said load the same font twice.
  2. Load the font once but put the different color texts into different layers.

i havent tried seeing what happens when you set the vertex colors with python ingame, u might want to experiment with that too.

Anyway hope this helps. :wink: