Colour filtering in the game engine

Has anyone attempted creating a black and white filter for the game engine?

I am working on security camera overlays. A scene overlay with the green scanlines works really nicely but I would also like to do the nice black and white version.

The only thing I can think of is a black + transparent texture which is animated to create a ‘static’ effect but obviously the colours from the base scene are showing through.

The problem is that the only useable texture type is ‘additive’ and I think a subtract filer would be needed.

Perhaps python can strip colour information? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Not possible, we don’t have that kind of access to the rendering pipeline.

To approximate the effect you’d have to actually switch objects to a version with black and textures.

Or something equally awkward.


Thanks for your reply,

It looks like the green scanline effect will have to stay.

Thanks again