Colour hard edged polygons in Vertex Paint mode?

I’m making models for a super retro low poly game, and I want to use vertex colouring (not materials) because I’ll be using a Vertex Colour shader in Unity to render them. Here’s an example;

Of course the default behaviour when vertex painting is that it blends the colours between the vertexes across the polygons, but I want to set flat hard edged colours for each polygon, as above.

I can do this in Max by selecting a polygon, and then setting its “colour”, it will set the vertex colour of the whole polygon WITHOUT blending the colour between faces.

In Blender, I found I can achieve this but it’s more cumbersome. I have to paint the vertex in a way that the adjacent faces are out of view - this achieves the result, but I need to paint every vertex individually for each face.

So… is there a way I can colour whole polygons at a time without having to paint each vertex separately, and also have hard edged colours?


There is a button on the texture paint tool bar that switches on selection of faces
That way you only paint on the selected face(s)
So then you can just select the face you want to paint and quickly fill it in


Hope this helps


Very good - but that’s texture painting isn’t it? I’m doing vertex colouring, no textures will be rendered in this game! Or very few, at least.