Colour index for colours like: FFFFFF

(Dittohead) #1

I need an colour index for colours like: FFFFFF. (is that in hex?)

(beergeek) #2

I think this answers what you are asking…
Yes FFFFFF is Hex. It is in RGB form with two characters from 00->FF (255 values) representing each component of colors. So FF0000 would be red, 00FF00 would be Blue, 000000 would be Black and FFFFFF is white. Here is a page that lists a bunch hex values and their corresponding color.

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thank you VERY much. 8)

(theeth) #4

you can enter the Hex directly in 2.25 by pressing Nkey over a window with a color slider.


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I’ve been experimenting with phpbb and IIS on my windows machine and I wanted to edit one of the templates.