Colour Management Issue

Hello guys,
I’m not sure this is posted in the correct category but anyway.

Has anyone had an issue with colour management in cycles?
When I alter some setting like exposure or gamma in colour management the view port rendering resets back to the start, this only happens in the scene I an currently working on.

I’m pulling my hair out trying to resolve it.
Any ideas?

I don’t think I can help, but I will say I think people that can will want to know what version you are using.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using 3.0.0, also I should have mentioned I’m using ACES too if it makes a difference. But thanks anyway

Like I said, not too knowledgeable but ACES might do it. How is it configured?

Hi there,
I have been using Color Management ever since, with 3.0, now with 3.2 as well; never had any issues. If you change something, the viewport, and the render should change as well. If you save the file and reopen, the settings should remain there.

Of course, if you open a new blend file, they would be reset to the basic settings (unless you save a custom startup file).

So, I don’t know ACES, but if that is the only other relevant variable, it has a good chance, that is causing it somehow :slight_smile:

It’s a custom build ACES so that could be the problem, maybe a little buggy, it’s just strange that it only does it in one particular scene.

Hey thanks for your comment,
I’m only changing the exposure in the colour management TAB so it shouldn’t restart the viewport render, it never did before.
I solved it anyhow, I just copied all the objects into a new start up file and deleted the original scene.

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Yes, that was a good call; I used to do that in some cases, when something went wrong :smiley:

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