Colour of Rendered image differs from that in Blender

Hi all!
I’m kinda new to blender, so bear with me!
I’ve tried with several different projects now, when I save a rendered image in any format (jpeg, bmp, png etc…) the colours (especially blues) get darker than they are displayed on the UV/Image Editor screen when viewed outside of blender. However, when I made an animation and exported it as AVI JPEG, the colours were back to how they appeared inside of blender. I’m not aware of changing any of the colour settings from the original ones, and I haven’t seen anyone else with this problem.
I really do want this particular shade of blue… :stuck_out_tongue:

If noone comes forward I suggest putting up a print screen, it might attract people.
Myself, I’m not savvy on the technicals, but from the top of my head would check settings for display properties, rendering devices, output options, hardware and try to play around with those. There’s tons of stuff in blender that can be tweaked, maybe it’s something like that. Alternativelly, check the lights?

YEah I’ve had that problem (Cycles or Lux) where a render looks good in Blender, Lux, Photoshop etc… but worse in CHrome, IE, Picture Viewer etc…

However when I render to animation from the images, it looks good again :slight_smile:

I’ve not been able to fix it, but apparently it has something to do with colour profiles and stuff :confused:

The simple answer is light affects color. Look at the world around you. If you have an image and you do not want the colors to change, do not use lights in your scene. Make the material Shadeless and then when you render the colors will be exactly the same as the source. There are, of course, video codecs that mangle color as well. So become aware of that fact and proceed as needed. For instance H264 washes out colors. Any time you render to that codec you will get a color shift.

Here is an example file with an image setup to use the Shadeless feature of Blender Internal.


268_shadeless_image.blend (247 KB)