Colour out of Space

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
This scene is inspired by the short story “The colour out of space” by H. P. Lovecraft.

"Colour out of Space"

Blender 2.82, Cycles, 500 samples, everything done in Blender, including color grade

In the story (SPOILERS) there is an out of this world entity that looks like a cloud of colour. The colour is undescribable and unnknown to this world, but since it would be hard to get a non-existent color in RGB, or any other color space, I went for a galactic-nebulae mix with some unhealthy yellow on the edges. The coulour in the story sucks life out of everything near by, turning grass to ash and inhabitants of the cottage to shriveled, dried husks. At the end of the story some men investigating the situation empty the well on the property and discover the foul colour at the bottom. They hide in the house and watch in terror as the plume rises and flies off to space.

The plume itself was done using a smoke sim with an emission material that has different colors mapped to densities using a color ramp and the Attribute: density node.
I tried to get the plume tower over the house by using a wide lens and placing the plume closer.
The lines of the tops of the trees intersect at the chimney of the house and are meant to guide your eyes there.

I hope you like it and have a good day :smiley:


I’m not fond of horror, but Lovecraft’s work intrigued me. Color out of Space is probably my favorite work of his. :+1:t2:

I introduced myself to his work quite recently, so I’m still in the process of exploring. Came for the scares, stayed for the innovation and atmosphere :smiley: