Colour Profile

I’m having some issues with colour management. I use Photoshop for most of my PP work, with AdobeRGB as my default colour profile. Blender renders are simply marked as RGB color. For stuff I upload for the web I need to convert to sRGB of course, still, I’m getting some odd colour shifts. I generally just do a Convert to Profile… Assigning profile… instead doesn’t work too well.I don’t know as much about colour management as I should (I have a book on the subject but haven’t read it yet).

My main interest at the moment is photorealistic texture painting of human models, so colour is an important issue. I must admit I’m probably creating more hassles for myself, but I sometimes open my DNG files of my human model in the ProPhoto colour space to upres them a bit because I’m after 4k texture maps and my images are only 14MP, not 16MP, and the model doesn’t always fill the frame anyway. I’d prefer to edit my UVs as 16 bit if I’m stretching pixels very much.