colour ramp?

I see it used but what does the colour ramp do?

Nice and short I know but help will be appreciated.

You can use to input a value from 0 to 1 and output the colour at that position along the colour ramp

Sorry I still don’t know how it works.

I swear it does fancy things like if you have a spec/bump map that isn’t perfect you can alter it, ie, turn grey to black or white to grey without affecting other parts of the map (you can, say, increase the value of midtones while leaving dark tones ).

How do I use it.

And where can I learn about the other nodes like vector math and more.

thank you.

It works exactly how Richard Marklew explained.

The input is a single value in the scale [0,1]. The output, will be the color at the position of the input. This way, you can map a value to a specific color. For example, you need a pingpong gradient, you can just make a ramp with white at 0.5, and black at 0 and 1. When Fac is 0.5, the node will return the color at 0.5, which is white. Others Fac values, will give other colors from the ramp, affected by the choosen interpolation.

About other nodes, the best is the blender documentation. Also do a good search here in BA and you’ll find some great info about any node in specifically.

thank you. that has answered my question.