Colour sample question

Blender 2.46
When I create a new material to something and I click on col and spe and I click on the dripper (Sample) I get the dripper but when I click on a colour I always get black. The only way I get a colour is to directly click on the colour map. If I want to copy a colour directly, I have to write down the three settings to do that.
How do I get the colour with the dripper (Sample) button?

BTW, I see the word colour is shown in this forum as misspelled. In SA the spelling is colour.


I don’t typically use the dripper, but as for cutting and pasting in Blender, it is a bit different than you would expect. To copy a color, place the mouse over the color in the Material panel. Don’t click into it, just have the mouse positioned over it, then press ctrl c. Now place the mouse over the color for another setting (spe or whatever), and press ctrl v. This works the same for cutting and pasting text from one field to another in Blender. Do not click into the fiels and select the text. Simply place the mouse over the text field, and press ctrl c, then ctrl v to paste into another field.

Best of Luck!

Ok it works as you have said in the colour bars, but not if you copy a colour from the ball in the Preview window.
I am following a tutorial, 4th video from level 2 of Cartoonsmart where the author do it in Blender 2.45. He picks the colour from the ball, off the lighter green spot that the light that shines on it makes to use for the spe bar. He can do it but I only get Black, Black and also Black.


OK, I tried it with the eye dropper (first time ever using it), and it works fine.

2.4 Pentium
2GB ram
Nvidia graphics card
Ubuntu 7.1 OS

I’m not sure why you are only getting black.