Colour UV maps???

Ok, well I was talking to a skinner and he wanted me to make “colour” UV maps for my models, I haven’t found anything about htis online so I’m gonna ask here in hoping that you may have an answer for me. I can post a picture of what he showed me how it is done, but right now I’m at school so it blocks me from viewing it ;). Any help would be appreciated.
Here are the pics

Alpha Red

I presume you already have your model unwrapped? Firstly, export the wire image of the UV layout. Then make a new image in blender, of the same size as your wire image. Now go to Scene (F10) -> Bake panel. There choose the Normals option and press bake. Save the result you get and combine it with the wire image in some external editor and you should get roughly the same result.

Those look like Normal maps, not Color Maps. Normal maps make the model look more real with regard to bumpiness and outlines and edges, where in fact the model itself is smooth. See Image Textures and Bump and Normal Maps in the wiki, and enable Normal in the Texture panel.

A usable (tangent) normal map wouldn’t have edge drawn on it, and it would only appear blueish rather than green and pink as on the image in this thread. What we have here is just a base UV layout texture coloured according to the object’s normals. This is useful for texture artists so they can see the connection between UV parts and actual 3d model parts more easily and texture those parts appropriately.

And this is an example of a standard normal map as used in today’s games (see the blue texture in the first image):

Thanks Lamoot, this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for all your help:D.

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