coloured yet reflective cycles material

difficult to get samething like in the pic shown!

this does not include the top parts with dark violet color!

and you did not put your kitchen inside a bid room or cube
that would cut out the light form the world and not influence the rendering inside the kitchen!

the bottom part does not really need the water tap and thing around that!

see this tut for walls and floor

here is some tut blenderguru for kitchen

Kitchen blenderguru


ok, i will try to finish the floor that the kitchen is on, but i need a forest background, any images on that? it’s not just an average house, it’s there is walls to minimum, the house is in a dome shape, glass walls. in short, there is not surrounding walls of the kitchen, i need to get everything done to have a seen, well i can try to find the drawn out plans for it, or maybe just finish it
just to tell, i’ve designed a lot of speacial houses, homes, buildings and such and i’m trying to make everything and place it as a city with all the pipes, internet gridding, electric supply, and such, basically, city planning with a every house different, i have around 26XX more to do, and everyone of them has a kitchen, (just saying)
so any ways on making a forest backgroung low poly, fast render and realistic? forest as in something like a highland socttish forest; something like that:
but I APPRECIATE HELPS AND I SINCERELY THAN YOU, just please bare with me a moment

again for forest there are some tut at blenderguru or at CGcookie
search the tut at these sites!

happy bl