Colourful work

Well since this forum is all about animation lemme ask this very simple question. Which is your favourite colour? Does it happen to be the most frequently used colour in your work?

teal. no :frowning:

It’s odd but I always seem to have a blue light somewhere in my work. But my favorite colour’s green!

My favorite colors are black and green.
No, they don’t shov up in my work more than other colors.

i love all the colors, each of em has its own place! :smiley:

Yay colorfull hippie van!

ooh, i like the sound of that, lol! :smiley:

All about animation? No, not really, I’m absolutely not into animation, I only do still images :smiley:

But anyway, I have a lot of favourite colors and I do love to combine them to get the most out of them in my stuff. Or at least I try to…
And I also have to add that I like for example the color pink, but not all variations of it - I love the reddish-pink but not the light-pink. Hope I get the point across :wink:

I think everyone has shades of their favorite color that they hate (you should see some of those terrible greens, sI hate them, but I still like green)

#CFD2EB :cool:

if you ask me, PapaSmurfio should give this guy a cookie! :cool:

Teal. Yes. :smiley: