Colouring by lines

This is a simple game. Should it really be called even that?

It started out as an engine-trail for a spaceship, but evolved into something else entirely.
So, You are a cube, that is always moving forwards, and it has a trail behind it.
The keys are:

space -> go fast
arrows -> Steer
1 -> Blue
2 -> yellow
3 -> red
4 -> green
ctrl -> Finish, and get a top view
r -> restart
I find this game quite calming, and slightly addictive.

Post any images you’re proud of (if there are any)

Have fun with this simple game


Colour Lines.blend (751 KB)

aww man, im running 2.49 and can’t play it. Looks neat though :slight_smile:

I tcan be made to run on 2.49, I know that because I started off making it on 2.49. I don’t know why it doesn’t work properly either, as everything is logic bricks.

I will make a 249 version sometime soon

To make it work on 2.49, just delete the black plane and go to textured mode. Then it works the same as in 2.54.


I tried downloading it twice but it was just a default cube scene!

Idk if it’s my compy or what :\

Looks neat tho =)

That’s because the main object is a cube. Try pressing P, or going to the second layer to see if it downloaded properly. On the second layer there should be four strips of different colors. Otherwise, are you opening it with 2.49 or 2.5? It was made in 2.54 and so runs better there, but if you are opening it with 2.49 you have to click on the button saying ‘you have opened a 2.50 scene, key information will get lost’ Otherwise it gives you the default scene.


Well I even selected the cube and there weren’t even any logic bricks connected to it!

And there isn’t anything on the second layer :frowning:

AH. well when I download it, it works for me. I’ll upload it to google docs when I get back (I’m going away for a week) and post the link here. So what version of blender are you using? Is anyone else having this problem?

It works fine for me, and I think it’s great! My only suggestions are:

1.) To make it capable of stopping

2.) Make a smaller window in the lower right-hand corner that shows a top view, so you can see what you’re doing as you’re doing it, then have Ctrl maximize the window.

Anyway, that was just my 2 cents. Good job, though!

I had a real-time map for a while, but found that you spent all your time looking at it, rather than the other view. I might add a continue button to keep going after pressing Ctrl.
Thanks for the comments

I don’t know… But this game was kind of fun :slight_smile: Being able to stop would be an up, and maybe when you’re done your drawing you should make it so you can scroll through the top view, sometimes the picture doesn’t fit in the frame.

Just some suggestions. Good idea :slight_smile:

Yeah, good suggestions. Do you have any idea how to make it able to scroll through the top view?
Stopping is coming.